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The fearful spring.
24 April 2012

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Lost words.
21 April 2012

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Bettina on Berlin, perspective.
Very practical beams and rivets. And the color is so subtle.

Bettina on Perseverance.

Bettina on Security.
It looks very constraining, this security.

Bettina on Stone, crystal and metal.
And only 6...

Bettina on Berlin, squares.
Fantastic! You are in my old city!

Ricard Pardo on Berlin, perspective.
Me alegra poner en tu conocimiento que desde ahora contamos con tu entusiasmo aquí: Un grupo de Facebook ...

David Ahrens on Metallic contained violence.
Very dramatic image from something rather mundane. I love the textures, patterns, and lines.

Skyriani on One.
The loneliest number!

Rupesh on T
A lovely image…!!

Ryan Hammond on T
What an interesting faucet. Nice photo!

omid on T
very nice & interesting!

omid on Specific complement.
wow! very nice!

Ryan Hammond on 3blueR
Great pic! Love the composition, rich color and texture.

Soheil on 3blueR
nice shot well done

Sof on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.

Bettina on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
Good counting.

CassandraKashmir on Dying lights in rainy night.

CassandraKashmir on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
I love the colours!

omid on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
very nice & beautiful!

Curly on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
Fantastic regularity in the patterns.

L'Angevine on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
eh bien tous ont une table de jardin

max on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
that's modern life ? not very passionate...

SalSa on 30 windows and 27 circular tables.
Is There a Hotel?

omid on Street secrets.
very nice!

L'Angevine on Street secrets.
pas de drogues,je l'espère

L'Angevine on 1/2.

L'Angevine on Carrer D´Armanyà. Tarragona.
intéressante ombre

omid on The cage and the sea.
woooow! very nice!!!

Ronnie 2¢ on The cage and the sea.
Agree with Olivier - this is a very effective result from something so simple.

Olivier Paillet on The cage and the sea.
Nice effect ! Well done !

UweB on Temporary slide.
Nice one! Wonderful effect by the narrow DOF.

omid on Temporary slide.
very nice!

Skyriani on Biceps.
Clever you!

L'Angevine on Biceps.
j'ai pensé à une bouée

L'Angevine on Green torn eye.

Enzo on The stony monster.
Rigoureusement composé avec de belles nuances de gris !

ursulakatariina on The stony monster.
Great symmetry in this picture.

omid on Major double.
nice & beautiful colors!

omid on Valencia: rainbow and autumnal branch.
very nice!!!!

Bettina on Blue arithmetic.

Bettina on Corner and gull.
That is one excellent title.

Bettina on The new Christ.

Bettina on Narrow horizon.
That's beautiful.

Bettina on Without parallelism.
We would run into each other.

Bettina on The eternal fingerprint.
And I thought those were feet!

Roci on Black nipples.
simplemente preciosa, todo delicadeza!!! t'estimo.

apodromos on Spatial pressure.
I like your photography. Salud.

apodromos on The open door.
I like this one very much .

apodromos on My "Llagut".
I like it .

apodromos on Not only yelow line.
I like it .

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